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Mustang Ram Air Duct

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 Mustang Ram Air Duct

Cervini痴 2015-2017 Mustang Ram Air Ducts were designed with performance, fit, and function in mind. We designed the ram air duct to fit and function with nearly every aftermarket cold air intake available to provide you with the absolute best performing Ram Air Mustang hoods in the industry! Cervini's Ram Air Duct also can be used with stock mustang air box and/or most super charger systems like our VMP Performance equipped coyote

This Under Hood Duct is a must have for any 2015, 2016, or 2017 Mustang Cervini Ram Air Hood Owner! The duct quickly installs to the under side of your hood making it fully functional in minutes. Our Ram Air Duct works by capturing the cold air that your Ram Air Hood draws in and directing it over to your air filter.

百hips in black urethane that is ready to install
匹an be painted for a custom finish
稗uilt in drainage to keep water out of your air filter where it doesn稚 belong
疋yno and Track tested
標orks with 5.0L, V6, and eco boost engines.

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