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2015+ Mustang S550 Race Catch Can

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2015+ Mustang S550 Race Catch Can

This catch can was developed to work with our low mount twin turbo kits seen HERE.  Our Race S550 Catch Can will also work on some Eco Boost applications where a larger turbo is used and the driver side factory airbox location is open.

Fully baffled inside to help separate oil/fluid
Vented to atmosphere instead of putting oil vapors back into your engine (race/off road use only)
Standard fittings arrangement include two 10an fittings and one 6an fitting
Line and fitting kits are available
Made of high quality 5052 aluminum
Made in the USA
Hand fabricated and welded in house
Beautiful aluminum finish
FatFab Logo tag
Filters included
Mounts using factory points

Add a line and fitting kit to complete your order.  The optional kits include:

Four 10AN 90 degree hose fittings
8ft of hose
One 6AN 90 degree hose fitting
2ft of 6AN hose
**Pictures in Gallery**


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