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2015+ Shortblock swap

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Part Number: 15SBSwap

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One of our BIGGEST sellers are our custom 15+ Shortblock Swaps. As the 11-14 coyotes start showing their age we are seeing more and more failures of the stock internals. Some are boosted, nitrous or just a bolt-on warrior. We see failures anything from rods windowing the block to pistons melting etc. We have the solution that is a cheaper alternative to going full built engines.

Our Shortblocks include:
-2015+ Shortblock swap (Complete and ready to go from Ford)
-ARP Head studs
-Cometic Head gaskets
-Boundary Oil Pump Gears and Crank Sprocket
-All fluids and gaskets needed (We use ONLY Motorcraft oil, filter and Antifreeze)

Our shortblocks can handle up to 900+whp provided you are using an E85+/Race fuel and a quality tune. We have installed a ton of these with great success and one of the few shops around that do them in a complete package. NOONE has installed more of these than we have and we stand behind our work in quality 1000% . These can be shipped or installed in our shop here at Signature Speed. Feel fre to give us a call with any questions!!

*Note: Ford does charge a $500 core if customer wishes to keep their stock shortblock