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Baer Drag Racing Front Brake System

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11" Front SS4+ Deep Stage Drag Race Brake System

This system features the 4-piston, S4 caliper mounted to a 11" 2 piece slot, drill, zinc plated rotor. The S4 caliper has D.O.T compliant dust and weather seals and uses the popular DR1 or HB100 pad type. Rotors are pre-assembled with NAS high grade stainless hardware. Mounting hardware is also included. The SS4+ Deep Stage system is the first drag race system designed specifically for heavy, fast cars that might also see street use. The 11" SS4+ Deep Stage system fits most 15” and larger wheels.

NOTE: This system comes equipped with a high friction pad that is optimized for drag race applications. These pads often produce more dust and noise.

Drag Race systems come standard in Clear or Fire Red caliper colors.

| Rotor Size/Type:
11" x 1.020", 2-piece vented
| Replacement Rotor Rings:
6910354 (Left) / 6920354 (Right)

| Caliper/Piston Count/Mount Type:
S4 / 4-piston / Lug
| Replacement Pads:
Note: This is a high friction pad optimized for drag race applictions.
| Minimum Wheel Size:
15" (Use template to verify fitment, link below)
| System Includes:
Calipers, Brake pads, Rotor & Hat assemblies, -3AN fittings w/copper crush washers. Will not work with factory brake hosesBaer front hose kit p/n 6800082 available below. 
| Notes:
Designed to be used with 2005-14 Mustang S197 spindles and hubs. Hub maximum outside diameter of 5.75" is required for rotor to fit, machining is required if larger. 
| Applications:
- 2005-14 Mustang with OE spindles and hubs

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