1. Carbon Fiber One Piece Driveshaft (11-14 GT, BOSS)

Carbon Fiber One Piece Driveshaft (11-14 GT, BOSS)

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Carbon Fiber One Piece Driveshaft (11-14 GT, BOSS)

Light Weight. Lighter and stronger than the factory 2-piece driveshaft (18 lbs versus 39 lbs), The Driveshaft Shop's One Piece Mustang Driveshaft greatly reduces rotating mass to improve your Pony's 1/4 mile track times. 

Superior Quality. Constructed from 3.25" diameter High Modulus Carbon fiber tubing this driveshaft features a 1350 front u-joint with flange to mount directly to the transmission and a 28 spline 108mm 6-bolt rear CV joint made from an all new 300M material. 

Extra Clearance. This light weight one piece carbon fiber driveshaft features a 3.25" diameter design giving extra clearance needed to avoid interference that can happen on lowered Mustangs equipped with a 4" shaft. 

High Speed Balanced. Balanced on one of the most sophisticated balancing machines in the industry, at up to 9500RPM (revolutions per minute) this one piece driveshaft is rated for use up to 900 horsepower. 

Application. This one piece carbon fiber driveshaft from The Driveshaft Shop is designed specifically for use on 2011 to 2014 GT and BOSS Mustangs equipped with either a 6-speed Manual or Automatic transmission.