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DSS Ford 2016+ Mustang Shelby GT350 1-Piece Carbon Fiber CV Shaft - 1000HP

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New from The Driveshaft Shop! We have developed a DIRECT FIT rear CV Driveshaft! This new design eliminates the adapter plate at the rear end with a precision ground CV to fit inside the pinion flange just like the factory. This new design sheds weight from adapter plates while increasing power holding ability and drivetrain response. Our driveshaft will be an athletic upgrade from the factory soft rubber mounted shaft. Now offering solid connections, perfect alignment, and our new CV with chromoly internals / Spicer 1350 U-joint combination to get the power to the ground. Designed to hold over 1000+ horsepower, so even the most extreme engine modifications won't be a problem.

1. 3.25" diameter carbon fiber construction.
2. Billet aluminum endcaps.
3. 300M Chromoly spline plugs.
4. High-speed precision ground CV joint with chromoly internals. Has twice the range of the previous design.
5. Spicer 1350 series solid U-Joint.
6. Forged aluminum U-Joint flange.
7. 1000+ hp Rating.

Please Note - Emergency brake cable bracket clearance/ relocation may be necessary. Failure to check this clearance may damage the driveshaft 

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