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"IAT Killer" Intercooler fittings

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Your Price: $99.00
Part Number: -16AN
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Signature Speed brings you the ONLY -16AN kit on the market for the front feed 2.9 Whipple kits on the 2011-2017 Mustang GTs.

This was designed in-house and proven to drastically lower your IATs (Intake Air Temps) and increase water flow to the intercooler in your blower. As boost levels increase its a natural bi-product to be accompanied by heat. Higher the boost, higher the heat temps. With heat temps, the boost becomes less efficient. Higher heat temps can cause premature detonation along with timing being reduced resulting in power loss.

While the Whipple stock kits work amazingly well even at maxxed out boost levels, our kit takes it to the next level all while making it very affordable. This kit is ideal for the customers that have ice tanks. Our kit will more than double the water flow to your IC in resulting drastically lower IATs and more POWER. Not only does it lower your IATs but it allows for more aggressive tuning while being safer on the engine itself. 

Our kit features:

-Quality black anodized -16 AN aluminum fittings

We bring you only the best quality parts that we have tested on our personal cars. This kit is only made and put together by Signature Speed. Give us a shout with any questions you may have to get your "IAT Killer" Intercooler fittings TODAY!!!

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