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UCM002 - Upper Control Arm Mount

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UCM002 - Upper Control Arm Mount

Our upper control arm mount is a direct replacement for the OE piece and requires no drilling or welding to install. The last generation Fox body Mustangs had upper control arm mounts incorporated into the frame. They also had two upper control arms sharing the load but drag racers were continually ripping the mounts off of the frame when racing. The solution for those cars was to weld reinforcement plates onto the frame. This new Mustang platform only has one upper control arm and the mount is bolted into place. Our upper mount is made from heavy duty 1/4" plate and can be either bolted or welded into place. Additionally it has dual control arm mounting points for changing instant center. 

This specific part number is intended for 2011 and newer cars that utilize the larger 18mm mounting bolt and cross-bolt.

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